Battlegrounds Guide - Maximising Rewards

Follow these instructions very closely. 
Battlegrounds has an investment system. To get payout, you need to invest resources. This means your troops. You pay resources for troops, that's their worth it the BG. Don’t put the troops that the BG give to you back in. Just hit them with the troops that you make up until like level 30. It is an investment. This tactic doesn't work on lower levels. Mission is highest level BG. All other levels are non-mission. Why mission? Because when you kill it, you get bonus exp. Example: You have level 31 offense (Red) and level 31 defense (Green). Both are mission. You kill the defense one. Now you have a level 32 defense mission, and a level 31 offense non-mission. Mission will start to give you troops. It is a partial payout. This Does NOT mean the non-mission will pay. But you're closer to getting non mission payout. This partial payout strays from the troops you have already killed in the BG. You need to invest (kill) 70% of your previous non mission payout (resource value) before hitting a full non mission. 85% if your non mission is empty. These are approximate values. If mission give you troops or resources back, that affects the algorithm. So, climb ladder of missions then hit non mission. Hit as many missions as you can. You got understand they run off of an algorithm. You need to be an avid builder. ALWAYS PUT MORE TROOPS THAT YOU BUILT INTO THE BG. Do not send mutated or imperial units or troops you pay with amulets of mara to the BG. They have reduced resource value to BG. Not to mentions, they are valuable. They cost half the food per hour. Why waste those? Save them. They are also no renewable. You'll need that reduced cost of power later. While you are hitting BG, upgrade your troops in the lost arts. Nevertheless, it is still easy to burn out. Sometimes you only have enough troops left to kill 95% of one BG, and 80% of the opposite another. It's fine. Part of the game. Time for you to build and upgrade. Just save the troops that you need to use (your raiding troops). BTW, I've been doing this since 2012. I have more experience and have done it with way more accounts. I've spent money. Each one of you will have different results. It's hard. TAKE YOUR TIME!! Keep track of what your winning and losing. Test hit if it's a close call. If you hit a castle or beacon with your winnings, that's fine, you just have to rebuild your losses. Same if you hit someone with your troops that you made, you got rebuild. That's what it's all about. Good luck and happy castle storming.